#1 EXCUSE of why you won't do a boudoir session, NOW!

I get 10 to 20 messages a day and almost everyone of them have the same several excuses why they cant book a session yet.

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The #1 reason why you don’t book a

boudoir session…

I need to lose weight first. This is the top excuse I hear…I need to loose 10/20 lbs first…I need to tone up.

1. This shoot is not about the size of your body. A boudoir shoot has so much more to do with who you are than what your body looks like. It's a celebration of you and a journey to self-love. Which is not limited by the shape or size of your body. If you have a body at all, you can do a boudoir session.

2. It will not really make a difference in your photos. Truth is posing, lens, lighting, camera angles, and wardrobe. All of this is NOT something you are supposed to know about or how to do, that is why you hire someone experienced. I help you through the whole process. It's not your job to make your body, “so called” perfect for your photographer. You are already perfect!

3. You are making excuses. What if you never lose that 10/20+ lbs? I think a lot of women use extra pounds as an excuse to not embrace and love themselves. Does that mean you never deserve to do something for yourself? We've got to stop using so much value to the number on the scale and start caring for ourselves the way we are right now.

4. You are perfect as you are. I truly believe every woman is perfect exactly how they are today. We are a product of our experiences in life, and your body is part of your journey and tells a story. Think of the incredible things your body does for you every day. The things your body has done for you, that have got you where you are today. One day you will look back and appreciate it all. I promise you will.

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Embrace yourself as a whole. "Imperfections" and all.

Our differences are what makes us who we are, and it's time you celebrate “YOU”

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