My name is Nicole Rubino I am the owner of Boudoir by Nicole Michelle.

As I love photography of all types, I discovered boudoir reaches my soul in so many ways. My heart is so happy when I can make a woman feel empowered just by showing them a photo of themselves. Watching you discover how beautiful the world views you is my passion.




Photos by Teri Hofford Photography

Photos by Teri Hofford Photography

Photos by "ME"

Photos by "ME"

After suffering through my own insecurities for many years. I literally woke up one day and said "why" to myself. Why am I allowing myself be verbally and emotionally abused for many years?  I felt stuck, I felt there was no way out. I needed to be happy. Then something spoke to me and said "girl you got this"! If you know me at all this is what I say all the time and this is "why" because yes I do. I have the power to control what my destiny is and so does every amazing women out there. Going through a bad relationship and discovering there is so much more in the world. Meeting some really AMAZING supportive people and letting them in was really hard. But I did it and with guidance and encouragement to go for my dreams and what I love, was probably one of the scariest things ever.

I discovered "SELF LOVE" and confidence.

Something a lot of people don’t know about me. I have social anxiety,  I push through daily and lets say I have learned to deal with it when needed. So yes if you see me somewhere super quiet, I am just absorbing everything around me, to feel comfortable enough to react to the situation. Put a camera OR vodka (haha) in my hands and you will never know it.

 Experiencing weight loss, weight gain, body image insecurities, bad and good relationships. I have been through so much and can relate to so many of you in different ways. My life has changed being a boudoir photographer and my goal is to have you all be apart of it.

"She remembered who she was and the game changed"

As a mother of 5 beautiful children, finding happiness and peace was my #1 goal. My daughter had to see me as strong and independent. My 4 boys had to see women demanding respect and being self sufficient. Accepting new relationships and finding happiness was a game changer for me. Then hearing stories from so many strong woman on their life struggles and their story, motivated me more and more. I knew this was my life and why I chose boudoir or maybe boudoir chose me? 

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My AMAZING team!

Crystal is the Badass owner of Glam Culture. Her salon is located in the same building and floor as my studio, in Downtown Melbourne. She does AMAZING makeup for all my girls and if she isn't available someone else from her team will be there.