Hello Gorgeous...

Thank you so much for contacting me and for taking the first step in having an epic, empowering experience for yourself. Whether you are doing this as a gift or for yourself, you are beginning an experience you will treasure forever. However, I must say, in the "end" this will totally be for yourself! I assure you I have hand picked my team for Hair and Makeup. If you choose to order products from me, I will also guarantee great quality! A little about me...I am a Mom of 5 AMAZING children. I am someone that has body issues, insecurities, and is self conscious, just like some of you. Its a normal part of life. I have come to realize we need to live and experience things in life for ourselves. I want you in 10 to 20 years to look back and say DAMN I looked AMAZING! Trust me that 10 lbs makes no difference. I have studied posing and tension points for all sizes and shapes of women. I have a degree in Business. I have studied Photography, lighting, styling and learning what looks good on camera. So with all this said just trust me and know "I got you!" I am so happy you have chosen me to photograph you and I promise you EVERYONE is nervous and scared at first. You will be fine after just a few minutes into the shoot if not sooner with my AMAZING hair and makeup girl. I am including several sources of information attached. Please read and if you have anymore questions please ask away.

***PLEASE FILL OUT THE QUESTIONS IN BELOW LINK...this helps me with your shoot and getting to know you and your style.


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