If you have ever had the pleasure of knowing Ashely, you already know how funny and amazing this girl is. So yes walking in so nervous and kept saying"I don't know how to look sexy!" UMM WHAT!!! this girl is all kinds of sexy and it shows here. I was so excited to work with her and show her how beautiful and yes "sexy" she is!

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Glitter Model Shoot

Updating the website with past shoots. I loved this shoot so much I have to share again. Love working with an amazing model and makeup artist(Bella Chic Beauty)


After us having to reschedule and I writing the wrong day of our appointment. Sometimes "LIFE happens and with this session it definalty showed up! But seriously Kelly is so sweet and was so understanding with every situation thrown at us. She rocked this and LOVE her look and style!


Thank you beautiful Chintil! Your so sweet and so beautiful! So happy to work with you!


I have had the opportunity to work with Karlette on several projects and shoots, seriously cant wait to work on more in the future. I see her future in modeling being "HUGE" and amazing! We shot so much variation that I will be doing 3 different posts of her photos, oh and she is the "star" of my promo video that will be out soon!


Crystal was so great to work with! I decided to post this session in black and white.

Tati Ka

Tati is so sweet and I am so happy to get to work with her. Such a beautiful person inside and out!


Working with the beautiful Keira,  was the best thing ever! I learned so much and more then Keira even realizes. She helped me see curves and angles that enhance a woman. Poses that flatter, we worked together. But I also had a vision and I can defiantly say we worked so well together to accomplish that. I was so honored reading her posts, "This is the best boudoir photo I have ever taken , hands down." (Seriously I can't believe that!!!) Then she made me laugh and also so humbled when she said "Throw your money at @boudoirbynicolemichelle , all of the photos from this set are magic! I feel like this is just so classic looking. When she showed me on the camera I couldn't believe this was me!" As I am reading this I am thinking whattt!!! No way Keira is so confident and has had so many amazing photos done. But as we talked it made me feel so good I was able to accomplish the look I wanted and make an already experienced model feel amazing. A little secret when I look at these photos I see a story of accomplishment for myself, on top of confidence and beauty for Keira.

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